After spending 3 weeks in Berlin, I thought about sharing my experience in this stunning city. For those of you who are passionate about modern architecture, history or culture, Berlin is undoubtedly the perfect combination for you.

So here is my story

Landed in Berlin, I left my luggage at the hotel and started to explore the place right away, letting my curiosity guide me among the streets. I was staying close to Alexanderplatz so the first thing i visited was its square, full of shops and restaurants. I could already feel the vibe of the city after just half an hour. The crowded place was filled with music, smiling people and a lot of street art. I felt no longer as a tourist and this gave me the right amount of courage to continue wandering. That’s how I got to the Berlin Cathedral and Museum Island.


In the Berlin Dome I could feel the world was mine. I took my time to be grateful for the beauty surrounding me and capture the panorama. For visiting the Museum Island I would recommend you to take a whole day off. The 5 museums (the Old Museum, the New Museum, the Pergamon Museum, the Bode Museum and the Old National Gallery) cover years of culture, history and art.

Asking the locals about what else could I see around i found out about the Charlottenburg Palace. Its luxurious rooms and enormous garden will definitely give you the glamour dose you need.


The next day I decided to dig more into the mysteries of this city, so I started my day at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin’s main attraction, continuing with the Reichstag.


Reichstag is one of the most impressive and massive buildings, housing the German Parliament and I can assure you that the view is breathtaking.

20170705_145203-01[1] 20170806_182758-01[1]

I certainly needed a break from this grandeur and I chose to create my own chocolate at Berlin Ritter Sport! Once you get there, you will be welcomed in heaven, trust me. You can choose from so many flavours and toppings, so even the picky ones will find something. Here I learned that “Mit Schokolade ist alles halb so schwer”(With chocolate everything is half easier).


The next stop was the East Side Gallery. The paintings are all covered with powerful  messages and their meaning is projected on the remnant of the Berlin Wall through vibrant colors, as if they had a life of their own. But I will better let the photos speak for themselves.





But if you want to discover Berlin genuinely, my suggestion is to walk on its streets, without using any map or gps. This is a habit that I adopted everytime I travel. This is the only way you can feel the pulse of the city, discover its people in earnest and you will be surprised how many things will break through your way. This is how you will understand “Die Stadt der Freiheit” (the city of freedom). Go with the flow and don’t be afraid of getting lost, there will always be nice people to help you!



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