24 hours in Prague


  When you have only 24 hours to visit a city, every second must be used carefully. Just one day in this imposing city is certainly not enough, but let me show you how much you can still do with so little.

  Filled with enough energy after a quick breakfast, I started my tour by walking in the old town square. It was pretty early, but the place was getting more crowded and lively. The most riveting attractions that I visited were the Astronomical Clock and the St. Nicholas Church. The sun was already up and the heat started to be unbearable, but that didn’t prevent me from getting to St Vitus Cathedral and the Prague Castle. I prefer to walk even the long distances, no matter what. This is just the perfect way of getting to know the city and becoming familiar with its surroundings. Even if it took me some to get there, I enjoyed every step, especially because the final view was everything I could look for.




   It was about lunch time when I got there and that place instantly gave me goose bumps. The gothic cathedral is an awe-inspiring masterpiece, measuring more than 90 metres in height. That’s why you can see wherever you would be in Prague.

      The weather suddenly changed but I didn’t want to waste my time even though it was raining. That’s why I went on a cruise on Vltava. This experience is definitely worth your money. Not only do you get a tour on the Prague’s largest rivers, but you also get to see other perspective of the city. The cruise took about an hour, just enough for the sun to rise. I got really hungry meanwhile so the next stop was at restaurant, close to Hard Rock Cafe. After a quick lunch I continued my visit at the famous Charles Bridge. It was the rush hour so I could barely walk among all those people. From there I just let my intuition guide me. This is how I got to see some of the views and buildings below.






     When the sun started to go down I  craved to capture the view and the best place to do that was the old town bridge tower. All I can say is that it left me stunned. Seeing the town from above, covered in the colors of the sunset was for sure an unforgettable moment. I took my time and even made a wish. (Funny story, after just a few months all my wishes came true). I guess there are no more words required in front of this world’s beauty.





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