I will start by being totally honest with you, because truth will be the most essential feature of this post. Being mediocre. I guess this is and has always been my biggest fear. Being mediocre in a world full of shallowness. But isn’t that our utmost wish? To have the feeling that our lives made a difference and our time on this earth was truly worthy? Have you ever imagined waking up one day and suddenly realizing how you wasted most of your life just because you got into a vicious circle you could no longer get out of? I couldn’t stand the image. I couldn’t do that to myself. And this horrific thought haunted me constantly, reminding me of how this life has a deeper meaning and purpose. That is the main problem that keeps my mind busy.

There has always been a sort of a battle inside, where a part of me wants to choose the easy way, the “without-too-many-headaches life” and the other which screams to get out of the bed every morning and do something. A meaningless life is not something I could simply adapt to and to be honest it doesn’t sound too appealing either. I cannot let myself be satisfied with so little, because languishing is a form of death for me. But that’s just me and the way I see things. Craving for improvement is what gives sense to my humble living. So my daily purpose is to find more ways to get better, be more productive, live a healthier lifestyle, read more and so on. I began to constantly push myself to limits I was not even aware of. But despite of what I thought, this whole process brought me satisfaction, rather than exhaustion. Knowing at the end of the day that you are better than yesterday, no matter in which way, is truly an important accomplishment.

Escaping the mediocrity became a serious dare. Even if you have a revolutionary idea, you stand there, frozen, by fear or uncertainty of newness, making excuses for how you mess around. That’s why I consider that will and courage are the most important qualities that a man can possess. This is where change begins. I wish I could have realized sooner that we are the ones who limit ourselves. Because the truth is that we have infinite potential and the way we choose to use it it’s in our charge. So I do believe that we are destined for greater purposes and we can do great things as humans. I just wish we could have more self confidence believe more in our ideas and share them with the world.

I wonder if any of you have felt at least a part of everything I described above and if that makes sense to you or makes sense at all.

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