This summer I had the chance to fulfill one of my many wishes and I consider myself a lucky person for that. I could not possibly describe how grateful I am for all of my experiences. I had wanted for a long time to visit one of the Nordic countries and I killed two birds with one stone: Denmark and Sweden. From the whole trip, I can strongly affirm that Copenhagen became the dearest from all the visited cities. Maybe because of its open-minded people, or just because of the way I felt there, I’m not quite sure why,  but there is something special about it and I will try to show you my perspective.

I started my visit from the central of Copenhagen, in the city hall square, where there are a lot of people going in every direction, either on their bikes or walking. To get to Nyhavn, I had to pass through Stroget, the famous shop area (this explains the crowd). But as much as I try to avoid crowds, this seems like an impossible mission most of the times. The harbour of Copenhagen is full of restaurants and bars, where all sort of people gather. I think it’s also the most colorful district, as it has a lot of bright coloured townhouses, which stand out in contrast with the old wooden ships. It truly looks like a fairy tale.




For a good start, I chose one of the canal tours so I can get a different view of the city. The whole tour takes about an hour and what I loved most was the guide’s opinion beside the historical facts. It included The Little Mermaid as well, the representative sightseeing of Copenhagen. From my point of view, it is nothing but a mermaid, nothing special about it, so if you don’t have the time to see it, don’t worry. You didn’t miss anything.



The next stop was Christiansborg Palace, a must-see of Copenhagen. From the Great Hall with the famous Tapestries to the Queen’s Reception Rooms and the tower, it’s all just grandeur in every single step. I know many of you find museums boring and a waste of time, but getting to know a bit of the historical part is in your advantage. I will let the photos speak for themselves. To visit the tower you have to take the elevator till a point, and then the stairs, but trust me, the view is worth all the possible effort. The wind was very strong that day and I could feel like flying from the ground. When you face such heights, you can feel how your brain stops, while a rush of adrenaline is running through your veins, and a unstoppable urge of freedom fills your heart. This is the kind of moment I am living for and I could not describe how powerful and intense those minutes up there were better than that.






(Another castle that you should visit is Frederiksborg Castle, even if it’s in Hillerod, which is about 30 km from Copenhagen. The Great Hall, Chapel, the Audience Chamber and the gardens can be easily described by one word: splendor. It worths your time for sure.)



After this uplifting moment, I felt like I needed some energy, so I took a short break at the Joe & The Juice. This place is simply all I could ask for. You have a variety of juices and shakes to choose between, with many vegan options as well. I tried the Choco Shake, as well as the Iron Man and Energizer. I highly recommend them all. It’s really yummy so give it a try!


With so much energy and feeling a bit more rested, I chose to spend my evening at the Tivoli Gardens. It’s a huge amusement park for the adrenaline lovers and even if you will wait a bit in the queue, no worries, your turn will come fast and you will regret nothing. I went directly at the most dangerous ones and if you have the courage, I dare you to try The Golden Tower, The Roller Coaster and The Star Flyer. They will satisfy your speed, height and view of the entire Copenhagen cravings. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I can’t wait to try it again.

In the end, I want to show my appreciation to the Danish people for their will of living a healthy life and riding the bikes, instead of choosing the car. I was surrounded everywhere by people on their bikes and the breeze that they left behind. This whole picture creates a sort of magic and gives you a slight touch of freedom that I can’t express in words. So I found that the perfect way to end my trip was to ramble. I took my time to analyse the people and their expressions, to notice carefully the small details and walk on the streets without a destination. For me personally, it’s one of the most overwheling feelings and the best opportunity to immortalize it.





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