Celebrate being alive

Yes, you heard me. Everyday should be a celebration for being alive. Why? Because this is the only reason you can be grateful for in every second of you life.

How many of you have even considered this a reason to be grateful for? I didn’t for a long time. Being alive sounds like a normal thing. So is being healthy, having a house, a family and friends around you. But let me tell you something. Not everyone is blessed with this privilege and when you realize that you are one of those lucky people that have everything they need to fulfill an amazing life, the whole drama from your brain disappears. I started to feel like I have no rights to complain. I have everything I need and so have many of you. Take a moment to appreciate them and you will feel an immediate boost of energy and happiness. You are finally conscious. You are finally aware of the greatest gifts you are surrounded by.

That’s why I developed the habit of practicing gratitude exercises daily. Taking a moment to be grateful for everything you have every morning and prior to sleep is the perfect way of starting and ending the day. We are habitual creatures and every action we repeat regularly becomes our routine. So we are just at a choice distance of developing the right kind of habits or the bad ones, that’s why you should be aware of what you choose and take responsibility of it.

I believe in the power of mindfulness and the need to practice it daily. The moment you connect with yourself and you feel that energy rushing through your body is the drive that we need in order to become life enthusiasts. And this lust for life is an unstoppable force that will eventually transform you into an unstoppable person. And don’t we all want to be one?

Now I can just wake up and the simple fact that I can see the sky makes me smile instantaneously. It truly feels great to be alive and I feel enthusiastic for the coming day. And this type of happiness is found in the little things and anywhere around you. Just look around. Carefully. Thoughts are totally forbidden. Train your mind to stop thinking so you can enjoy at least some moments of silence and peace. You can see happiness on a child’s face who is playing or in the humble smile of the elderly, or that girl who just got a bouquet of flowers from her lover. These hints are all around you but you have to open your eyes and raise your head from the ground to be able to see them. The visual field is bigger than you had expected it to be. Sadly, we often get so caught up on our work and responsibilities that we forget our coordinate system. But try to get out of that vicious circle and notice more than ever before.

Heads up.


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