Do it now.

Take action right now. Whatever your intention or plan is, just take action towards it now. Stop procrastinating and don’t let fear or self limiting beliefs drag you down. I know this is a tough one and building up a high level of self-confidence is not the easiest challenge someone could be given but constantly working on it will eventually turn into the biggest self-achievement ever.

 You owe yourself the accomplishment of all those dreams. Allow yourself to dream big and set big goals as well, even if you think they are impossible to reach. Just the simple fact that you had the courage to set them means a lot. The next step is to constantly work for them. Persistence is the key, even if you won’t see a progress immediately. Keep in mind that everyone has his/her own rhythm and in this process there is no reason to compete with others. Your goal is different from other people’s and so it your capacity and efficiency.

Only 2% of this word’s population accomplish their goals and this is one of the scariest statistics of all times. The first time I read this I was totally shocked. It was the moment when I decided that I want to be one of those few people, no matter what this implies. Having just a good initiative is not enough. We all want either to become, either to have something but if you limit yourself at just desiring them, it will eventually turn into dissatisfaction.

You will never feel like doing it. That’s the naked truth. You will never feel like eating healthily, doing that exercise, or working but the secret lies in starting it, no matter what. And to be easier for you, Mel Robbins came with the 5 second rule. This easy rule kills the procrastination instantly (actually in five seconds, but you got the point) and it is used whenever you know you should do something but you keep putting it off. You simply count from 5 to 1 and then move right away. Movement is really important because it blocks your mind from drowning in thoughts that will do nothing but stop you. That’s the best cure for procrastination: action. If you want to dig into this subject more, I really recommend you to read The 5 second rule, otherwise you can just watch her speech ( (And if you don’t even have the will to do that, 5 4 3 2 1… DO IT. You can even customize this rule, if you feel that 5 seconds are too much. Use 3 2 1, or just whatever works for you. Find your own rule and determination and go for it.

We all know what we should do in order to live better lives and be happy but it’s the first step that’s missing. Find the power to get started and you will see how everything else will follow naturally. Eventually you will get in the habit of taking action and become more effective than ever before. You will see your dreams come true and you will start believing in yourself and think that it is possible to live as you always wanted to.  So please, don’t settle. Don’t limit yourself at dreaming.

You were put on this earth to live the best and happiest life possible. Remember that life is always happening for you, not to you and don’t miss the opportunity of making it memorable.

Be one of that 2%. 

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