The 7-Day No complaining Challenge

Have you ever wondered how much energy and time you can actually save just by not complaining anymore? I did try it for a week and the change that took place inside is stunning. 

We tend to complain every single day about every little and insignificant thing. That’s one of those habits we practise unconsciously and then still ask ourselves “why am I not satisfied with my life?”. Everyone complains about the weather, the long work hours, deadlines, relationships and the list can go on forever. Every aspect of our lives has become a reason to complain about. The first meaning the dictionary gave me for “complaining” was “verb used to express dissatisfaction“. Why do we do that? And what is the purpose of it as long as it brings us no good?

Complaining is just another form of seeking attention. We feel that showing off our problems in front of the world will validate our existence. Wrong. Next time you find yourself talking about how things are not working the way you wanted them to work or what awful things have happened to you lately, try to switch from this mental pattern immediately. Try to be aware of how you feel after saying these things. Aren’t they just negative statements meant to keep your energy blocked from flowing?

When you complain you only focus on the negative aspects of your life and it’s funny, how as human beings, we get so much pleasure from talking about our pain and the bad things. It’s also worrying that we forgot to include in our conversations topics such as happiness, love and prosperity. Why doesn’t anyone talk about them any longer? Our meetings turned into ,,let me tell you about my problems” lately. So let’s change that. Let’s enjoy the time we spend together talking about how amazing life is and what it has to offer. Let’s make this time a special one, radiating of joy full-heartedly.

The words we use and the thoughts we think are insanely powerful. That’s why complaining is just a trap you create by yourself. Break the pattern and move forward. Let things come and go, without taking them too seriously. But you can easily shift from this behavior by just observing what is going on in your mind and paying attention to the words you let slip through your lips.

Accept this challenge and as I am curious if anything will change within, let me know how your journey went.

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