Diet from negative thoughts

When it comes to trying a new diet I think the first one we should all consider is the diet from negative thoughts. This may have unimaginable results, but for getting the most of it,you should turn it into a lifestyle. Clean your mental space and keep it this way.

We may not realize the power of our thoughts and how they can change and shape our lives. Most of the times we even speak or think involuntary and this is a dangerous habit. Basically, everything that we think or say attracts the circumstances into our lives, creating our reality. Once you fully realize this, you will be cautious about the next thing that will come out of your mouth. We all want to have happy and fulfilling lives, but how could that be possible if we always focus on what we lack? Lack of having, lack of being, lack of resources. 

Break this thinking pattern and start looking for the good aspects of life. Focus on abundance and prosperity, focus on love and possibilities. Learn how to look at life in a healthy way, because life is happening for you, not to you and once you let its flow guide you, the whole process is so much easier. 

It takes a lot of practice to switch from the negative thoughts to the positive ones, but once you succeed you will feel like a totally another person. You are responsible for your thoughts and the way you choose to live and create your present. We are all born with the same tools and power and there are infinite possibilities for all of us. It’s up to us how we use them.

I always highlight the importance of taking full responsibility for the choices you are making and realizing that you are in charge of your life. From the moment you wake up till you fall asleep, you are making choices continuously. From what you are going to eat, till what you are going to wear, it’s just a matter of choice. And we get to choose what to think as well. We have control over our thoughts and mind and if in your case the process is reverse, please take your own power back.

Prince Ea discussed the mental health topic giving the following example: If you were given a rotten tomato, you wouldn’t eat it because you know it’s going to make you sick and you don’t want to put poison into your body, but when it comes to our minds, we feed ourselves with negative thoughts all the time, without caring about the outcome. This process was normalized by our society and if you just look around at what we have created you will understand that this is the result of our minds. At first it was a thought, then it materialized into a physical form (

Negative thoughts make you feel unworthy, hopeless and even unmotivated and at some point they can even lead to serious disorders such as depression and anxiety. Is this how we thank for having the chance to live on this earth? It takes only a bit of perspective to understand this and a pinch of will to change your life.

So, I really hope you make the right decision for yourself!


3 thoughts on “Diet from negative thoughts

  1. 🙂

    i think it was robin sharma who said “everything is born twice, once in the mind, and then in reality”
    therefore what is born in the mind is prone to being manifested into reality
    so keep nurturing positivity – through thinking and acting accordingly – and so shall it manifest.


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  2. Loved reading the post !! We all really need to go on a diet about gettting rid of negative thoughts. Great post keep it up 😊 x


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