Your duty on this earth

This post will be full of reminders so get ready and listen carefully. You were born and put on this earth with the purpose of living the best life possible and making the most out of it. The beauty and uniqueness of your life is determined by the uncertainty and the limited period you get to spend on this planet. Not knowing for how long you will live is exactly what pushes us to make extraordinary and remarkable things. Funny, but death really gives a sense to our living.

  • Make your life happy: You are in charge of making your life as happy as possible. Don’t wait for a certain day or period of time to finally live the way you have always wanted. Enjoy life every single day, no matter where you are and what you have. Try to seek happiness in the little things and prioritize it. Remember to live for today as well before you start worrying about tomorrow.
  • Take care of your home: You have two homes. Your body and this planet. It is truly that simple. Taking care of your health, as well as the environment is crucial, in order to enjoy a long and happy life. Just paying more attention to your eating habits, workout routine and schedule overall can make a big difference. Start with baby steps if it helps, with one thing at a time, but just start. Also, being surrounded by a clean and unpolluted place will improve your well-being and extend your time on this earth, so it’s definitely a double gain.
  • Leave something behind you: The idea of leaving something for the coming generations, is a comforting thought that may give your life a different meaning. Also, leaving a mark of your existence after you die is a beautiful way of showing that you spent the time given wisely. Our ancestors have always thought about us and how they can ease our lives by discovering, creating or inventing, therefore we should follow their example.
  • Explore this world: There is so much beauty around us that waits to be noticed and even discovered. There are so many countries to visit, so many people to meet and so many adventures to seek. By exploring the world, you explore yourself. You may get in touch with your heart’s true desires in the most unknown corner of this planet. This unpredictability can be scarring, but it’s also worth experiencing. That’s life itself through a metaphor.
  • Allow yourself to dream big: Don’t limit yourself by accepting your current situation. Always try more, dream bigger, work harder. Push yourself to new limits and prove yourself you can do whatever you set your mind on. Remember that languishing is death and you have plenty of time to make your dreams come true. You are limitless and full of potential. Use these tools to make the most of your life.

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