Change your attitude

You all probably heard the saying ,, When you can’t change your circumstances, change yourself”, which basically means that you can only have control over the way you react to everything that happens around you. As I said many times before, we are in complete charge of our lives. We choose how to act or react, we choose how we let things affect us, we choose what to care or not about. It’s all just a matter of choice. And it depends on your attitude, on the way you look at the world .

Attitude is a crucial aspect of your life if you didn’t notice that before. There are so many people around you that have either a positive attitude, either a negative one and if you analyze their results, you can tell the difference. It’s a simple process: thoughts determine your words, your words create your beliefs, your beliefs define your actions and your actions determine your results. It all starts with your power of believing something as being true or renegade it.

If you get to fully understand that, you can consider yourself a lucky person. I say all these things as they turned out to be true for me and had a big impact on my life, changing me completely and shaping me into the person that I am today. I don’t want to retrieve the past, as I chose to live in the present and let everything that happened to me behind, but for the sake of this article, I will reveal some personal insides.

Back to a few years ago, I was totally miserable. I was discontent with my life and nothing seemed to please me or make me happy. I was looking for happiness in external sources and I couldn’t appreciate a damn thing from the load that I had. Till I got sick. That was the moment of my enlightenment that caused a complete shift into my perception and attitude. It made me realize how lucky I am just for being alive, for having a family and a home. I started seeing everything around me as a blessing and each day was just another opportunity to count more. I began to be very careful with the way I spend my time, as I lived with this constant feeling of uncertainty. Out of a sudden, my whole system of beliefs was shattered. I started to question everything that I knew, resetting my priorities and goals.

I couldn’t understand why this happened to me for a long time. But after almost three years, I know that what seemed to be the tragedy of my life, was actually a necessary episode that enabled me to grow and made me become the person I am today. I had to choose at that moment. Choose life or constantly complain about my illness. I did that for a while, being a mindless victim, but self-pity leads nowhere. As I started to change my attitude, everything in my life began to change as well. I started eating healthily, exercising more often and take care of my body, mind, and soul on a daily basis. I recovered faster than it was predicted and I even in the hard times, my positive attitude kept me going.

I am thankful for everything that happened, as it allowed me to realize what is truly important in this human life and pushed me to live it to its fullest. I needed this reminder and I learned my lesson. So I hope this article was your reminder. Always choose in your favor.


7 thoughts on “Change your attitude

  1. Such a great post! “thoughts determine your words, your words create your beliefs, your beliefs define your actions and your actions determine your results.” This quote resonated with me. It’s such a simple concept yet people ALWAYS forget about this ripple effect. Including myself..


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