Balanced life

We live in a rush all the time, being way too busy chasing life and trying to find our way through multitasking. In this continuous chaos, we promise ourselves that we’ll get it together eventually, but every single day we start on the same old pattern. We constantly neglect our priorities in order to accomplish other things, that may seem more important, but we forget that without a balance between our body, mind and soul, we wouldn’t be able to properly function. So how do we find this so-called ,,balance”?


There are various ways you can take care of your mind so you can obtain clarity and stop the constant flow of the thoughts, replacing it with calmness. The first, and maybe one of the most used method is meditation. This is more or less the fitness of the mind. Meditation is used from antiquity as a tool for enlightenment and self-realization and many people practice it daily due to its numerous benefits: easing depression, lowering heart rate, reducing anxiety and stress levels and enhancing feelings of well-being. There are many ways you can meditate, but the most common one implies focusing on your breath and the way your body changes during this process. This method helps you achieve awareness and those 10-15 minutes of stillness will bring you back to the present moment.

Once you are able to take control over your mind and your thoughts, you can start focusing on taking care of your brain. Keep it trained by learning new things all the time and read daily to improve your memory. Though, if you want your brain to function properly, there are many other things you have to take into account, such as having a good night sleep and reducing the quantity of sugar in your diet.


The human body is one of the most amazing systems, having an unbelievable capacity of restoring itself, therefore it should be treated adequately. It’s common knowledge that having an active lifestyle and exercising regularly will keep your body young, decreasing the chances of heart diseases and lowering your cholesterol level as well as blood pressure. You don’t have to look in a certain way and put enormous pressure on you. If you don’t have those curves and the thigh gap or the 6 pack and big muscles, it’s perfectly fine. You should only care about being healthy and confident with your body. Learn how to accept and love it the way it is, take care of it and treat it well. Nourish it with healthy foods and make sure to get your vitamins and nutrients. Eat as many raw vegetables and fruits as possible and try new recipes from time to time so you can have fun experiencing different cuisines and diets. Try to make this process enjoyable so you can stick to it.


Your soul will probably be the area that will need the most to be taken care of. Staying in touch with how you feel on an emotional level would be the first step. To be able to do that, you should reduce the number of distractions that you are surrounded by (this includes your phone, TV, laptop and other gadgets, as well as unnecessary possessions). Once you can reconnect with yourself, you can start looking for a deeper meaning of your experience as a human being. You could ask yourself bigger questions such as: ,,Am I living a fulfilling life?”, ,,Am I in touch with my true self?”, ,,Am I at peace with myself?”. Work towards living a meaningful life and discovering the things and people that are worthy of your time and energy.

Consider starting a gratitude journal. You can write every day the things that you are grateful for, or you can simply make a list and put it on your desk so you can see it all the time. This makes you reconnect with the present moment just by being aware of what you already have. I personally write every single morning around half a page of the things that I am thankful for, including some affirmations as well. Affirmations are powerful statements that help you attract the things you desire, turning them into reality as long as you take action towards it. You could write for example ,,I am healthy. I am prosperous. I am surrounded by like-minded people” and the universe will manifest your wish if your power of belief is strong enough.

Reconnect yourself with the mother nature. This one is super important as it has therapeutic effects. It stimulates all your senses and it refreshes you completely. Just a simple walk in the park can reduce depression and boost your self-esteem, reducing the tension from your body. It’s simply your moment of peace and relaxation, so make sure you grasp the opportunity.

Find the things that make you happy and do more of that, if not possible everyday. Just list what makes you feel alive, joyful and fills you with energy, then try to include them in your daily routine. If it’s either listening to music, dancing or watching a movie, I’m sure you can find a few minutes for yourself and dedicate them to immersing yourself in that particular activity that makes you radiate and spark.

Don’t forget

These areas are connected to each other, so if one is not working so well, the rest of them can be affected. Start making time for self-care everyday and you will notice a tremendous difference. Start today, trying one thing at a time and incorporating it gradually, until it becomes a habit. I really hope this article brings value to your life and you enjoy this human experience to its fullest.

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