Plastic free

The modern world has definitely improved our lives and made them easier in a lot of ways and plastic is one of those inventions who seemed to be a saver. Almost all we consume comes wrapped in plastic or is made out of plastic. The problem is that plastic can’t decompose…ever. So it ends up in the landfill, or even worse, in oceans, polluting the environment. I guess the images with turtles killed by tiny pieces of plastic or fish’s stomachs filled with bottles are familiar to you, so I won’t upload any more in here.

But as I like to focus more on what we can do, rather than complaining about the situation, I will present a few simple swaps you can make in order to avoid the further consumption of plastic. These are all affordable changes and environmentally friendly options that can easily be implemented in our lives. Although I am not completely plastic-free yet, I am working on it and I will share my journey with you. I like to believe that together we can make a difference and fix certain habits for our highest good.

1. Bamboo TOOTHbrush

Bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable, eliminating unnecessary waste and they give you the same quality as a plastic one. Moreover, they are antimicrobial, which means that the bacteria that touch its surface are killed and it provides lasting protection. For further natural and eco-friendly oral care products, I suggest you check Georganics.


Switching to a solid shampoo was one of the best choices I have ever made. It is indeed pricier, but it lasts longer (in my case about 3 to 4 months as I have medium hair) so it’s the equivalent of 4 plastic shampoo bottles. My hair looks so much better since I’ve been using it and I am really satisfied with the results. You can find shampoo bars in dm shops or at Lush cosmetics, where they have a variety of shampoo bars, suitable for any hair type.

3. Soap bar

Soap bars are one of the cheapest alternatives when it comes to the body or face hygiene. There are many available options that are packed in paper or not packed at all and most of them are budget-friendly. I used the one from Dove, but also many from The Body Shop and Lush as well and I love them all.

4. COconut oil

Coconut oil is a multiple-use product, therefore it’s never missing out in my home. I use it as a make-up remover (if you want to use it on your face, make sure you buy the organic, cold-pressed version), body cream and also when I’m cooking, so it’s indispensable for me.

5. Glass bottle

I stopped using plastic bottles and switched to a glass one, to avoid the single-use. I carry it with me everywhere I go and I wash it daily. Another option would be the thermos or the water purifiers from Grayl, so you can drink your water from any source and stay safe.

6. Stainless steel straws

It’s actually stupid how many straws we use when most of the times we can simply drink without them, but if you still need it I would recommend investing in some stainless steel straws or the bamboo version.

7. Cloth shopping bags

When I go grocery shopping I always take with me several tote bags to avoid buying the plastic ones. They are very resistant and fancy and I find them even more comfortable.

8. Reusable coffee cup

We are the generation of grab&go, so it takes us less than five minutes to buy a drink then throw the plastic cup and lid away. That’s why bringing your own reusable cup every time you go out, you will stop the unnecessary waste.

9. Safety razor

In order to change your razor every month, you could invest in a steel razor, where you change only the blades when they lose their sharpness. Try and think long-term and count all the razors you use in a lifetime and then you will realize how much waste you produce and how easily it can be replaced with a long-lasting alternative.

10. Food storage containers

Using jars or metal boxes for storage is the best way to keep your food fresh for longer. I keep all my seeds and spices in little glass jars and whenever there are leftovers after a meal I use a glass container and store it in the fridge.

These are just 10 easy swaps you can make for a life with less plastic and more conscious decisions. Try implementing them one by one and keep me updated with your progress. There are plenty of online pages that try to bring awareness to this issue and they come up with a lot of solutions so just make some research and you will find one in your local area/country for sure. In this way, you can purchase these items from different affordable sources and reduce the costs. Living a sustainable life is easier than we think, we just need the will to put some effort and prepare in advance. For further ideas, please leave a comment down below and share them with me!

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